How Does the Dog Training Work?

How does the dog training at the master's house work? First, you have to make the dog feel comfortable with who is doing the training. There should always be an adult who is doing the training, even if it is the owner themselves. The dog should feel comfortable with the trainer and the environment and not be threatened or uncomfortable.

The main phase of training is the reward time. This is very important. This is where the dog learns to perform and what it is asked to do, when it gets a treat. The treat is his reward for doing what it was asked to do.

It is healthy to ask the dog to do some basic tasks, like sit, before giving the reward treat. This way the dog learns to sit and it is associated with getting a treat. Also importantly, a dog should respond positively to his owner. When he gets a treat, he should feel happy, so he can continue with the same activity.

linger in this position, gradually trying to tempt him with a favorite food. Once he sits, give him his treat right away and when his behind is already on the ground, click and treat him again. He may be too excited to sit, so click and treat him anyway. He may still get up, but if he does, start again. Be patient and you will succeed! You have to make your dog want to continue until the bottom of the stairs is where you want it.

Even a small dog can learn to use a clicker, but it takes much practice. A large dog may learn a lot quicker, but it may take longer to get the hang of it. Whatever your method, find a video or two on YouTube to help you. Watch and learn from those that have already successfully used these methods and you will be much ahead of everybody else.

Go ahead and try it for a week or two, to give time for your dog to work out what you want him to do or not do. Dogs are not dumb creatures. When they exhibit good or bad behavior, it is more often than not because they do not understand what you want them to do or not do.

The clicker method is all about giving lots of treats as a reward for good behavior. You will soon come to know what foods are his favorites and what foods make him react positively. Always use a food that is a staple in his diet.

Here are some tips for training your dog at the same time train him in a language that you both understand:

7. Once he is reliably staying where you tell him to, move onto teaching him to sit and wait. The method here is to reward him with a treat and a praise as soon as he does what you ask. It is important to take care with this step, as you do not want him jumping up on you to get the food. If he does, step back, wait for him to sit and say 'sit' firmly. Then give him the treat.

8. Now you are ready to teach him to roll over and play dead. These are probably the most fun training games there are. Bring your dog over to a pillow and get him to lie down. Now move the pillow over your back, to the toes of your back. When he is doing this, click and treat him. Repeat this exercise for a few times, until he gets the idea. Now you can reward him for rolling over, instead of sitting.

The time will eventually come, when you can take away one of the treats and use that as a lure. This will ensure you always have the lure when you need it. This method will also ensure you are not rewarding him for being stubborn, as you encourage him to you want. You can also use a toy, if your dog likes that sort of thing.